7DA 004 – Unnamed Band: Unnamed Album

Released: 2000 (On Another Label)

Track Listing:
1 – Withheld
2 – Withheld
3 – Withheld
4 – Withheld
5 – Withheld
6 – Withheld
7 – Withheld
8 – Withheld
9 – Withheld
10 – Withheld
11 – Withheld

I sunk all of the label’s money into the recording of this (popular) album. The band turned around and released it on a bigger label. The $5000 lost on this record effectively bankrupted the label and the record store. Since I paid for this fucking record, I’m claiming it as the lost 7DA release. Buy me six or seven drinks and I’ll tell you the whole sorted story.
Side note: I heard that the label they signed with screwed ’em hard, so there’s that.