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Going Broke Since 1997

  • 7DA 010 – Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray: Lean Into the Wind Released: 2014 Track Listing: 1 – Drifter’s Compass 2 – Election Year Blues 3 – Coyote 4 – Bleed Me 5 – Lone Star Souvenir 6 – When the Pumps Run Dry 7 – Oh, Tornado 8 – Long Way Home 9 –(…)

  • 7DA 008 – Sunken Ships: Sunken Ships Released: 2014 Track Listing: 1 – Self Foot Shooter 2 – Fine 3 – The Bliss of Ignorance 4 – The Waiting 5 – Chicago Labor Day 6 – Absentee 7 – Grew to Need You 8 – Turned on Me 9 – Straight Ahead 10 – Falling(…)

  • Announcing 7DA 008 – Sunken Ships – Self-Titled

    Formed by former Sybris drummer Eric Mahle with men of the proverbial hour: Scott Spidale (Premium, My Cold Dead Hand, Drive), Fritz Doreza (Muchacha, Decibators, Mister Furley) and Danny Severson (Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror, Suffrajet, Dorian Taj). Pulling their influences from the underground of the late ’80s and ’90s, Sünken Ships specializes in guitar rock(…)

  • Announcing 7DA 010 – Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray – Lean Into the Wind

    Here we go again. On March 25th, we’ll be releasing the new album from Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray. It’s good stuff. Check out one of the new tracks right HERE. Oh, and if you’re paying attention to release numbers; yeah, there’s a couple more announcements coming real soon.

7DA 010 – Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray: Lean Into the Wind

Lean Cover1Released: 2014

Track Listing:
1 – Drifter’s Compass
2 – Election Year Blues
3 – Coyote
4 – Bleed Me
5 – Lone Star Souvenir
6 – When the Pumps Run Dry
7 – Oh, Tornado
8 – Long Way Home
9 – Sure as Hell
10 – Destruction Story
11 – Blue Dream
12 – Brushed the Dust Off (Lean Into the Wind)

Miss Shevaughn: Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Piano, Autoharp, Rhodes, Lap Steel, Percussion
Yuma Wray: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Glockenspiel, Flute, Organ, Percussion, Programming
Ben Tufts : Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Mandolin
Alex Van Brasch: Bass

7DA 008 – Sunken Ships: Sunken Ships

SS-cover-art-square_WebReleased: 2014

Track Listing:
1 – Self Foot Shooter
2 – Fine
3 – The Bliss of Ignorance
4 – The Waiting
5 – Chicago Labor Day
6 – Absentee
7 – Grew to Need You
8 – Turned on Me
9 – Straight Ahead
10 – Falling OutNotes:
Eric Mahle: Vocals, Guitars
Fritz Doreza: Vocals, Bass
Scott Spidale: Guitars
Danny Severson: Drums

Announcing 7DA 008 – Sunken Ships – Self-Titled

SS-cover-art-square_WebFormed by former Sybris drummer Eric Mahle with men of the proverbial hour: Scott Spidale (Premium, My Cold Dead Hand, Drive), Fritz Doreza (Muchacha, Decibators, Mister Furley) and Danny Severson (Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror, Suffrajet, Dorian Taj).

Pulling their influences from the underground of the late ’80s and ’90s, Sünken Ships specializes in guitar rock with a particular indie bent that leans more in the direction of overdriven melody than anything else. We think one listen to their album is all it will take to hook you. Its contents feel warmly familiar and the band avoids any easy pitfalls that might slow down the proceedings, instead focusing on keeping the vibe lively and the volume cranked up. This makes sense since many of these songs have been percolating through the band’s live sets for years, so they’ve had plenty of time to naturally evolve. The result is an album of music that’s had it’s weaker parts rubbed off through years of stage testing. This is no new foray into the unfamiliar for these musicians. And we, as listeners, definitely benefit from that. -Chicagoist-

7DA 007 – Aspic Tines: Enchante Madam A.I.


Released: 2013

Track Listing:
1 – Do the Sex
2 – Enchante Madam A.I.
3 – The Doomsday Kiss
4 – Heaven Knows We Shine
5 – Do > Re > Me

7DA 006 – The Fur Coats: Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man!

7DA006Released: 2013

Track Listing:
1 – What the Fuck Do I Do Now?
2 – Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know
3 – Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man!
4 – And UR

Co-Release with Dirt Cult Records (DC-061) & Artistic Integrity Records (AIR-005)
Marc Ruvolo: Guitar, Vocals
Devon Kay: Bass, Backing Vocals
Davey Houle: Drums, Percussion

7DA 005 Is Here

For the first time in over a decade we have a new Seven Dead Arson release! The Blind Staggers ‘This Time’s a Charm’ will be released next Tuesday. We’re having a record release show at Fireside Bowl in Chicago next Wednesday and the album should be available through CD Baby,, and on iTunes. I’ll post soon about how to order online and to list the local stores that will be carrying the CD & vinyl.

7DA 005 – Blind Staggers: This Time’s a Charm

Released: 2011

Track Listing:
1 – Brass Ring
2 – Sleep When You’re Dead
3 – Peas and Carrots
4 – Thorazine Shuffle
5 – Off the Rail
6 – The Righteous

Laura Loo – Vocals
Damien Christian Wilburn – Vocals and Guitar
Shrek – Bass
Chris “Swede” Anderson – Drums
Phil Bennett – Guitars
Adam Zielinski – Drums

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