The Blind Staggers - This Time's a Charm

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CD – $8 Shipped 12″ Colored Vinyl (includes CD copy) – $15 Shipped Voted “Best Country Band” in…

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CD – $8 Shipped
12″ Colored Vinyl (includes CD copy) – $15 Shipped


Voted “Best Country Band” in the Reader’s ‘Best of Chicago 2013′ poll.

Hip-swingin’, hard drinkin’ country punk from the empty beer-can littered boulevards of scenic Chicago.

The Blind Staggers play the kind music that rattles around your brain at 4am after a long, lonely night at the bar. Singing songs of heart ache and hangovers, the Blind Staggers intoxicate you with the knockout dynamic between Damien Christian Wilburn and Laura Loo as the band plays heart felt rock Americana that captivates and haunts while rocking you lovingly until you pass out for the night.

Track Listing:
1 – Brass Ring
2 – Sleep When You’re Dead
3 – Peas and Carrots
4 – Thorazine Shuffle
5 – Off the Rail
6 – The Righteous